Microsoft Teases Sony After Latest PS5 Teardown Video

There’s a ton of anticipation across the board for 2020 when it comes to the video game industry. Both Sony and Microsoft are gearing up to release their next-generation video game console platforms this year. Unfortunately, this year has been a bit of a rough one, to say the least. The coronavirus health pandemic outbreak has resorted to a massive delay for several industries as the world attempts to get itself back in order. 


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While both Microsoft and Sony have confirmed that they will be bringing out their next-generation video game console platforms into the marketplace this year, the marketing for both consoles has been a bit unorthodox. In the past, these companies would be present at different in-person events where players would get a chance to view the console up close and even try the system out. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case this year and both companies were forced into presenting their consoles to the masses in a series of live stream events. 

Next month we’ll be able to get our hands on the next-generation platforms. We know what video game titles will be releasing alongside the platforms, the features each console will have and even the components running them. However, for some tech enthusiasts, there may have been an urge to see these consoles teardown showing how they are assembled. Today, Sony offered that very video for the PlayStation 5, but in doing so, Microsoft was able to get in a jab.

Both the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X can be set vertically or horizontally. However, for the PlayStation 5, there is a series of steps to allow the console to sit upright or lay down flat. This prompted Microsoft to showcase two photos of the console being able to lay down or stand up without needing any necessary equipment or tools. It’s a nice little jab and one that makes us remember how Sony dished out their own jab at Microsoft during last-generation’s video game console platforms reveal. 

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